Apply to study English Language at Koya University English Language Centre (KUELC). The centrer is a commercial unit at Koya University campus which will be run by leading qualified British language school with native English and skilled lecturer. If you are a HCDP candidate who has been successfully selected for scholarship program you will be encourage to apply at KUELC. This course will take 150 students at each round on a semester based which composed of 450 hrs.

Koya University has a beautiful campus, good access to Kurdistan region major cities and at the heart of mountain with quite relaxing environment which makes a suitable place to focus on studies.

Who can apply:

    • HCDP Candidate with MHE's approval

    • Applicants who want to study abroad

    • Individuals who want to get an English Language qualification

    • Academics who want to improve there English skills

تکایە ئاگادار بن ئەم خۆتومار کردنە ئێستە بە شێوەی فەرمی کراوەیە. ئەو کەسانە کە پشتگیری پرۆگرامی تواناسازییان نییە پارەی خۆێندنەکە لە ئەستۆی خۆیانە!