KUELC Film Club

The KUELC Film Club is designed to allow students the opportunity to explore different avenues in film in calm English language training sessions. From viewing to production, this club is for students who are interested in the film, discussions and interaction.


The mission of KUELC Film Club is:

  1. Socialising and interaction in a calm academic environment.

  2. To have language training session on a visual topic that matter to us and put the language in a practical context where opinion matters.

  3. To sit around and watch movies!

Number 3 is the most important mission!

Qualifications for KUELC Film Club

(Eligible for Membership if any apply)

  1. Your are eager to practice your English Language skills

    1. You are enjoying hot, friendly discussions with openness

    2. You are not affied of the dark :)

  2. Your diet consists solely of soda, extra buttered popcorn

  3. Though you watch it every year, you are never happy after the Oscars…stupid academy.

  4. You find yourself spending more than half of your time on the internet on the Internet Movie Database (a.k.a. imdb.com)

  5. You instantly become an expert film critic every time you watch the movie previews.

  6. You cry in movies. I know it. You know it. Stop lying to yourself



  • Look at KUELC website that announce movie events.


Here you can read about films that has been chosen for this Academic year. Please explore and the Vote for the films listed (click to see the list) and get the best film to be shown first.

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