KUELC Students Attendance Guidelines

Attendance, Punctuality and Commitment:

You are expected to attend – and participate fully- in all your classes and to complete all the preparation and homework activities allocated by teachers. Full attendance and commitment are required by Koya University Stakeholders and the Kurdistan Region’s Ministry of Higher Education (MHE) and the following should be acknowledged at all times:

  • Classes must start on time and you should try to be at your classroom 5 minutes before the start time.

  • A detailed, daily recorded attendance register is kept by the Centre Management and accessed by University Management and the MHE as and when needed

  • If you know you are going to be late for any reason please contact Management Team on 0750 7681016 and ask them to convey a message on to your teachers. Lateness of any kind may result in the following:

    • Up to 10 minutes late; you will be allowed into the class but will be marked as present and your lateness noted

    • Over 10 minutes late; you will be allowed into class, at the teachers discretion marked as late or absent for the class and your lateness noted

    • Leaving the class during teaching; other than an emergency you should not leave the classroom whilst teaching is taking place. In an emergency please consult your teacher first. In a situation which is not an emergency if you leave the class and are gone for 10 minutes or longer you will be marked as absent

  • Consistent lateness or absence in any academic cycle of your studies is a serious matter and may result in the following at the KUELC management’s discretion :

    • 10%+ A warning letter will be issued highlighting your percentage of absence or lateness and will be kept on your file

    • 15%+ A further warning letter will be issued highlighting your percentage of absence or lateness. You will be offered assistance if you have extenuating circumstances which are contributing to your inability to attend your classes or participate in the course. A copy will be kept on your file

    • 20%+ A final warning letter will be sent asking you to attend a meeting with the KUELC Academic Manager and potentially a designated member of the Koya University staff, to which a decision will be made about your academic future with the centre.

  • If you are absent through sickness, the absence must be supported by relevant documentation such as a doctors sick note or copies of test results, which we can hold on file in case any appeals arise to which absence situations can be assessed by the Academic Manager.

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